lawn mower

The simple guide to help you choose your next lawnmower

At Millers’ we have generations of experience in recommending lawn mowers to our customers in Laois and across Ireland. We operate a workshop for all repairs and maintenance required. We only sell brands that we recommend and are comfortable servicing in the long term. A lawnmower is an investment, we want to help you find the right machine for the job. 

Buying a lawnmow­er can be very confusing if it is your first time, or if you now have a totally different lawn than you are used to. It’s not too difficult to find the best machine to suit your needs. In this article we look closely at the typical push lawn mower. It’s all about what would work best for you. Maybe the petrol machine would suit your needs better if you are looking for a more powerful option or maybe a cordless lawnmower is more suited to your requirements. Do you need a machine that can cut deep or do you need one that doesn’t need too much power?

Below are some tips to buy your perfect lawn mower for the perfect garden

There are some questions you can ask yourself before:

  • How large is your lawn? 
  • How often do you mow the lawn?
  • Do you need a mower for a relatively small, flat area? Or rather, long grass in a large area?
  • What kind of finish would you like for your lawn?
  • Where do you typically store your mower?